Meet the team

Syntive Solutions is a web application and software development company in Raleigh, North Carolina that wants to be your e-business consultants. That's the short answer. Technology is an industry we've been involved in for 20 years, and we love experimenting with ways to keep businesses running faster and more efficiently. And since mobility and efficiency are becoming an increasingly common requirement for doing business, we relish the challenge of integrating legacy systems and platforms for future compatibility. Surrounded by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University and Duke Univeristy in the famed Research Triangle Park, we are fortunate to be in the mecca for technological advancement and innovation with those who share our passion. Because we believe in technology's power to simplify your life and your business, we want to share our skills with you.

Larry Klug, Founder and Chief Executive

For Larry Klug, a passion for new technologies and software engineering began as a teen when he taught himself how to program on an old Atari 400. From there, Larry went on to begin his formal technology career as a software engineer for US Sprint Telecommunication. Sprint immersed Larry in an atmosphere of technology and opportunity and fostered his passion for discovery and innovation. It became the crucial foundation upon which he built the rest of his storied career.

From Sprint, Larry went on to become one of the first commercial Java developers, working closely with companies such as Sun and Microsoft. After moving on to become the senior developer for a customer support call center in Raleigh, he personally designed and developed more than 20 intranet web applications for a wide variety of E-Business customers. After adapting to the challenges of rapid legacy systems integration and a fast-paced work environment in which he worked with many languages and platforms, Larry went on to work for one of the most prestigious E-Business consulting practices in the industry as their Senior E-Business Consultant.

In his last role before starting Syntive, Larry served as Principal Software Engineer for Interface Technologies, where he blazed a path by servicing more than 20 individual clients in less than three years. With many projects involving full life-cycle development, design through implementation and into long-term support, Larry has proven his ability to successfully fulfill the requirements of any position within a project. He still continues to serve some of these clients, highlighting his belief in the idea that E-Business companies should be in constructive partnerships with their clients.

As Chief Executive of Syntive Solutions, don't expect to see Larry with his feet on the desk. He's not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and throwing down some serious code.

Matt Sneed, Co-Founder & Business Development

Matt Sneed has over 10 years experience in various entrepreneurial and consulting roles across multiple industries. His first business venture was a music management/booking firm he ran throughout his college years. Having no experience whatsoever in sales or marketing he would get out of class, pick up his phone and spend hours cold-calling music venues across the Northeast US. This led to hundreds of contracts across 6 states, a merchandise line, and a street team consisting of over 20 people. This trial-by-fire approach to deal-making has served him well to this day. He has a deep distaste for traditional salespeople and all the tactics that traditional salespeople are trained to deliver. To him, it's really just about talking to and helping people.

Since then he has spent years successfully, yet casually, consulting in the telecommunications field and the pharmaceutical consulting field. He has helped people accomplish everything from complete network re-builds for their small businesses to launching multi-billion dollar drugs with the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. These days, he’s into e-business consulting and finding unique solutions for our clients’ technological issues.

These days, much to his clients' delight, he is still adamant about bucking the traditional salesperson role and stereotype. Don't expect to find him in a suit and tie, don't expect him to be pushy with you, but do expect him to go out of his way to be available to help you at all times via any means necessary.

Matt is a passionate early adopter and fan of all things Internet, technology and social media. His love of technology, efficiency, and mobility combined with his casual demeanor helped shape and form the Syntive atmosphere and culture.

Mike Davey, Director of Technology

Mike Davey recently graduated from Appalachian State University, where he studied History and Political Science. He can deliver your pizzas in thirty minutes or less, but he doesn't do that anymore. Nothing in his background gave him the necessary experience to write his employee blurb. 

Mike has been interested in computers and technology his whole life, beginning when he got his first video game system at 8 years old. He spent his early school years learning about computers, studying Visual Basic in middle school, and building his first computer before he turned 18. After spending his college years studying the past, he is excited to now be sinking his time and energy into the present and future of software development.