Case Study: ATM USA


Change can be a good thing. When ATM USA first started out, they only serviced about two hundred ATMs regionally - now, they service over eight thousand ATMs across the country. No one would deny that the growth in business has been beneficial, but it precipitated a problem the company was reluctant to deal with. Their software was hindering their ability to do business: load times were long; updates were costly and time consuming, locking users out of the system and rendering them unproductive until each individual machine was updated. While their business dynamic had grown and changed, users were reluctant to embrace a new program - even though the old software was no longer serving them well.

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  • Real time web application
  • User interface and experience matching existing legacy software
  • Secure access to ATMs
  • Client information security
  • Predictive analysis providing alerts staff
  • Google Maps integration


In order to continue to provide world class service to their clients, ATM USA needed to secure access to ATMs without compromising the clients' information. Uptime offers tons of features the old software couldn't, like graphing capabilities and integration with Google Maps. Most importantly, all of this information is accessible in real time - which allows ATM USA to respond to potential problems right away and ensure their clients receive the best service. Uptime also includes cutting edge predictive analysis of events to alert staff and provide the ability to service problems before they arise. Updates to the application are easy and instantaneous to all users, so there is no lost productivity due to down time for software updates.


The staff at ATM USA says they now can't imagine running their business without Uptime SC. It's allowed them to respond more adeptly to their customers' queries and maintenance issues, and has allowed their clients to dive in and personally view the data pertinent to their ATMs, which has done wonders to keep their customers happy. The ease of management and their customers' satisfaction has allowed them to grow their business across the nation.

"Uptime has streamlined our operations and greatly improved our ability to provide fast and exceptional service to our clients." - Mitch Lancaster, Director of Operations - ATM USA
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