The Curse of the Silent Failure
By: Larry Klug
--- 04/25/2010
No news is not always good news. A large part of our job involves the constant care and feeding of our clients systems. From our most antiquated, old-school legacy systems to our most modern, cutting edge mobile web apps, all are constantly looked after by a whole host of automated noise-makers. Triggers, scheduled jobs, services, scripts and the like are all dutifully taking measurements, monitoring thresholds, predicting behaviors, logging, delivering alerts, sending notifications and promoting escalations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These automated cry-babies notify us of their respect[...] Read More
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Create a Mobile App: Syntive Power Hour
By: Elizabeth Schonig
--- 07/07/2010
Have you ever felt your business would run so much more smoothly if you could access important information from your smartphone? Ever wanted an app that pertained precisely to your business? Unfortunately, Apple's tagline, "there's an app f[...] Read More
Foursquare and an Urban Lifestyle
By: Matt Sneed
--- 06/16/2010
Many of my friends and associates know of my ever fluctuating love/disdain/suspicion of social media and/or whatever the new "hot thing" is in tech.  Early adoption must be ingrained in my DNA because I cannot stop myself from j[...] Read More
We run into businesses constantly who are struggling with technology issues. Most of the time the struggle is because a majority of people aren't aware of the possibilities of software. It's the age old problem of not knowing what you don't [...] Read More
Why You Should Intern with Syntive
By: Matt Sneed
--- 05/24/2010
Being situated between three major colleges means we constantly meet and talk to extremely smart and motivated people. It's great for us because we get to hear new, cutting-edge ideas and we get to interact with people who are passionate about ou[...] Read More
Thoughts on Flash and the iPhone
By: Matt Sneed
--- 05/19/2010
I'm not going to use this post not as a venue to argue the intricacies of this debate as there are heated parties on both sides.  Both sides also have legitimate points.  Both sides feel passionate about their given stance.  Instead I[...] Read More
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