Why You Should Intern with Syntive
By: Matt Sneed
--- 05/24/2010

Being situated between three major colleges means we constantly meet and talk to extremely smart and motivated people. It's great for us because we get to hear new, cutting-edge ideas and we get to interact with people who are passionate about our industry and the future of our industry. As such, combined with the growth of our business, we've begun the hunt for interns.

It's hard to explain what the benefits of interning with us are without a face to face conversation. Therefore I'm going to list some of the many benefits here and hopefully we'll hear from you and we can talk further.

1) We're a profitable, stable company with a start-up mentality. We built this business from the ground up with no investment money and no debt. It's funny to me that there's a term in the industry for us, it's called "boot-strapped". This means we don't rely on funding for our operations. Which in turn means we're actually profitable. Think about that, there's a special term for a business that MAKES MONEY. I find that kind of funny.

2) Even though business is going well, we're still a small team. Our growth and hiring was organic and we really held out for the best of the best we could find when initially bringing people on. The benefit of our small team is that everyone is responsible for most all aspects of the company. You will learn and be responsible for things that a Fortune 500 company would never consider you for. Have a pet project you want to develop or work on? We can help. Want to learn how to optimize SEO by actually controlling, tracking, and making changes to a website? We can help, and you can take control. Have ideas for growth that would require you to have a team of people working for you? Go for it, we'll support your hiring efforts and you'll manage those people.

3) The potential for growth is unlimited and is based completely upon how innovative and helpful we can be for our clients. We aren't capped by funding amounts. We are growing organically which means the more services we offer our clients the bigger our company gets. The stronger our marketing efforts, the larger our company grows. Maybe you decide the internship was fantastic and want to turn it into a full-time position? You create the position and show the benefit, and we hire you for your position. Simple.

4) Syntive is an environment where ideas flow freely and we make it a point to be exciting and innovative and fun. We take better care of our clients than any organization I've ever been with. We care. Our clients aren't afraid to ask us questions or tell us problems that on the surface may not seem related to what we can do. We mull those problems over and come up with a way to help the client solve that issue, and we make sure we can do it better than anyone else. We've expanded into a couple of new media opportunities this way, and it's going great. Want to steer a project a new way outside of strictly applications or software? Go for it, make the plan, present it...and make sure you do it better than anyone else can.


An internship at Syntive, especially for those of you fresh out of college, offers you the chance to learn and grow more professionally than any medium-large organization can offer you. You own your work and you own your time. We're results people. I guarantee your resume will shine at the end of the internship versus your peers who go to larger companies. We'll teach you skills and give you responsibilities that are years ahead of where your career would be starting. Hopefully, however, you won't want to leave at the end...and we can keep moving forward together.

If interested go to the contact page on our site and fill out the information or email matt at syntive dot com

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