Software Integration: Make Your Business Run Better
By: Matt Sneed
--- 06/14/2010

We run into businesses constantly who are struggling with technology issues. Most of the time the struggle is because a majority of people aren't aware of the possibilities of software. It's the age old problem of not knowing what you don't know. Too many businesses are running multiple software programs independently of each other while hiring/paying an office worker to manually make the two programs interface. This monster rears it's head in many forms-- be it some poor soul copying and pasting data into spreadsheet all day, or even some poorer soul reading information out of one program and typing the same information into another.

This is unnecessary! Absolutely unnecessary.

The software industry has evolved beyond proprietary desktop-based software quite some time ago. Gone are the days where you had to purchase separate accounting software that couldn't interact with Microsoft Excel. Gone are the days where you have to run three different inventory systems because as your company grew your IT people just added newer programs on top of old ones. Gone are the days where you have to use outdated client-server desktop based CRM systems when you REALLY want to be using Salesforce or some other web-enabled CRM.

The integration of disparate systems is something we've been doing for almost 20 years. We're still doing it.

Think of just a FEW of the benefits of doing some streamlining and integration of your software applications:


  • Drastically increased productivity as your core business technology needs are integrated into one smooth web-application/process.
  • Drastically decreased cost as you can reallocate employees into higher value tasks, rather than data entry or other admin activities.
  • Much better ability to provide top of the line customer service to your clients, as all the information you need to answer questions/solve problems is available in one easy to access place.
  • The ability to allow telecommuting and the ability to allow your employees to work extra hours from home if they so desire because the system will be securely available through the web.


Again, it's hard to bullet-point out the benefits of a process that will radically alter the way you do business for the better.

It pains us here at Syntive to see businesses working this antiquated way. It's so much easier, faster, and more profitable to integrate your systems and we firmly believe the only reason people won't is because they don't realize what's possible...

As such we're going to be offering FREE consultations from now on to companies like the ones I described above. We'll happily listen to what you're running, listen to your frustrations, and show you what is possible to greatly improve the way your company does business. Not only to help your company, but also to make us a little saner...

On top of that, through the end of the month of June, we're going to offer a 10% discount on Syntegration projects. Why would we do that? Easy: once we get involved with a client, we can show initial improvement and progress to highlight the final results usually within the first 10% of total time of the project. Therefore not only are we offering a free consult, we're offering to write off the initial work it takes us to outline what's truly possible for your business.

Hit the contact page or email me at matt at syntive dot com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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