Create a Mobile App: Syntive Power Hour
By: Elizabeth Schonig
--- 07/07/2010

Have you ever felt your business would run so much more smoothly if you could access important information from your smartphone? Ever wanted an app that pertained precisely to your business? Unfortunately, Apple's tagline, "there's an app for that," is not always accurate. But with Syntive Solutions, it can be.

At Syntive, we don't specialize in just one thing. We don't have a single product we're hawking and trying to sell. That's not a very effective way to do business. We want you to think of us as a silent partner-- we like to give businesses whatever tools they need to run their company more efficiently. Sometimes that may mean building a web application, other times it may mean constructing a website, and sometimes it may mean running a corporate blog for client. When it comes to technology and new media, we're willing to do whatever you dream up to make your business stand out and run more smoothly. Or if you have no idea where to even begin, we can help you come up with some ideas on what would be best for your company. Here, we're passionate about technology. However you want to leverage it to make your life easier, or put your best foot forward for your clients, we're happy to help.

In order to showcase what we here at Syntive can do for your business, we've decided to create a monthly chat. We're calling it Syntive's Power Hour, and it promises to introduce us-- and what we can do-- to the neighborhood while we tackle technological issues in an engaging and relevant manner. If you're looking for interactive business solution to your web related queries, then Syntive may just be the company for you.

So come join us on July 15th at 6:00pm for Syntive's first monthly Power Hour, where we'll be discussing how to create a custom app for your business-- and how to bypass the iTunes store in the process. We promise refreshments and a casual, yet informative, chat on how to leverage new technology to help your business. Due to limited seating, we will have to limit attendance to the first fifteen responses. For more information or to request a seat, please email

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