Case Study:

Background was exactly the kind of project that Syntive had been looking for. The team at was heavily design focused and absolutely adamant about user experience. After leaning on another developer for an extended period of time, they approached with a need of taking the project all the way to completion. The site was based on the Ruby on Rails framework using the Radiant CMS, as such we were able to apply our technical expertise to devise a solution and provide the client a completed project.

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  • Backend optimization
  • Dynamic user-driven invitation editor
  • Real-time custom card editing
  • E-commerce support
  • Consumer facing design
  • Strong CMS backend
  • Complete built without use of Flash
  • Secure online payments with SSL


Syntive delivered a strong payment enabled back-end on the Radian CMS allowing payments to be made for the client. Design was taken from mock-ups to to completion to explify the strength of the backend on the frontend look. Without prior experience using the Radiant CMS Syntive was able to pickup a partially completed project and smoothly transition the client all the way to completion.

The "big win" for the client was the user-driven invitation editor. That is where the skillset and expertise of Syntive shined on the project. The card editor Syntive designed and implemented is what sets apart from their competition. With over 10,000 preloaded pre-designed invitations, the team at wanted to make sure their users had full control over the appearance of their invitations. With an understanding of that desire Syntive built the card editor as the cornerstone of the site. Customers now had the ability to customize their invitations in any way they desired. Innovative drag-n-drop interface with pop-out options allowed the userbase to make edits to various aspects of their card and see their changes in real time.


An intuitive, fully funtioning e-commerce site that met the needs of not only the client, but their customer base as well.

"Syntive Solutions provides answers, expertise, and execution where many others fail to deliver. This is one partnership we'll continue to lean on." - Client
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