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Think Efficient, Mobile, and Integrated

At Syntive, we don't specialize in just one thing. We don't have a single product we're trying to sell. That's not a very effective way to do business. Think of us as a silent partner-- your personal e-business solution. We like to give businesses whatever tools they need to run their company more efficiently. Sometimes that may mean building a web application, other times it may mean constructing a website, and sometimes it may mean running a corporate blog for client. When it comes to technology and new media, we're willing to do whatever you dream up to make your business stand out and run more smoothly. Or if you have no idea where to even begin, we can help you come up with some ideas on what would be best for your company. We can be e-business consultants, too. Here, we're passionate about technology. However you want to leverage it to make your life easier, or put your best foot forward for your clients, we're happy to help.

All of this equates to greatly improved productivity for your company, less expense across multiple fronts and functions, happier employees, and a happier more, successful you.

Syntegration Suite

You’ve undoubtedly tried to stay atop of technological advancements and make changes for your business. After all, updating software and using the latest and greatest is supposed to make your company run more efficiently so you can better serve your clients. But often times these updates can pile up and conflict, causing your system to run slowly and operate with other unforeseen problems. You probably need software integration-- and Syntive can help.

Our Syntegration package is essentially fool-proof software and legacy system integration. We take full stock of your current software, systems databases and work processes-- everything that comprises your legacy system-- and assess how we can make these components work together more smoothly. We then create a web-based software so that your business can be securely accessed anywhere, and integrate it with your current legacy system for increased productivity.  Syntegration serves as the e-business solution to your software compatibility problems, and is sure to result in the increased efficiency you want for your business.

  • Our team of experts will take a detailed inventory of your current software, systems, databases, and work processes
  • We listen to the problems and bottlenecks your current processes are causing
  • A comprehensive plan is developed to eliminate those bottlenecks and make work processes as smooth as possible
  • A web-based interface is developed for your new system so that your business is securely available anytime, anywhere
  • A plan is executed to bring both your new application and your online presence into the mobile world (smartphones, iPads, etc)

The end result is much greater efficiency, much lower costs, and a much smoother, better looking interface for your employees AND your customers.


It’s a given that a strong web presence is essential for the success of any business.  But this now means more than merely having a website. Can your employees access their work from home? Can your clients check in on their accounts from their computers? Can your business be conducted from a smartphone?  If not, it’s time to consider app development-- both web and mobile.

SynApps serves as our e-business solution to having a complete web presence. Syntive SynApps includes the design and implementation of both web and mobile applications so that your business can run at its best and be conducted from anywhere. The development of a web application will allow your employees to work from home without worrying about having the right software installed. Clients can also log-in to the web app to check on your progress with their account, increasing transparency and customer satisfaction. Once a web application has been constructed, we can develop a mobile app so that your business is never out of reach for those who need it. SynApps fills in the gaps so that your business is fully present and accessible on the web.

Synteractive Media

Social media: it’s the buzzword of Web 2.0. While you may have heard of Twitter or Foursquare and (at least vaguely) know the difference between Facebook and MySpace, it’s easy to get lost in the ever-updating jungle. And while many engage with these websites for personal use, they also have an often under-tapped potential for businesses.

Today, it’s all about engaging your consumer and creating a conversation to keep them coming back. Social media provides the perfect outlet for this because it can be done in real time, is cost effective, and allows for personalization. Think about how much time you spend daily on the Internet... so why wouldn’t you want to ensure your presence there is maximized, in the places where your potential customers are?

At Syntive, we’re passionate early adopters of new social media platforms, because we love connecting with people-- and helping businesses connect with clients. Whether you already dabble in social media or have no idea where to begin, we at Syntive want to be your e-media solution. If you have an idea of how you’d like to present your business in social media we’d love to hear it and help make it a reality. We also provide digital media consultations for those new to the game. A small sampling of what we can do includes:

  •     Manage and provide content for your corporate blog
  •     Create and update your Twitter feed
  •     Set up and monitor Facebook Pages and LinkedIn Profiles  
  •     General social media monitoring and measuring
  •     Advise on Facebook advertising and Google AdWords
  •     Act as a liason to set up deals on Foursquare and other geo-location apps
  •     Establish a social community for your company or brand
  •     Social media monitoring

Knowledge Base:

.Net development, PHP, C++, C#, MySQL, HTML, CSS, javascript, ruby on rails, web applications, wordpress, CMS, integration with popular web applications (ie Salesforce), iPhone apps, iPad apps, mobile applications, mobile stylesheets, database design, database implementation, database maintenance, JQuery, ecommerce, custom applications, campaign management, financial webapps, visualization